• Always protect your jewellery from knocks, scratches, chemicals, sunlight, heat/cold to minimize damage.
  • Store jewellery separately so that it does not scratch other jewellery. 
  • Keep jewellery far from sunlight as the sun may fade certain gemstones.
  • Store your jewellery in an air-tight bag or jewellery box. You could also use anti-tarnish strips available at Suhani Mara with it.
  • DO NOT store pearls in plastic as they can darken. Store your pearls flat in silk or velour bags.
  • For bead necklaces, store them flat rather than hanging them on hooks. Silk and other beading strings can stretch over time, weakening the strand and making it easier to break.
  • Avoid storing your jewellery next to the heating vent, window sill, or a car’s dashboard.


  • You can clean your pieces at home now and then, however, we recommend having your jewellery professionally cleaned and inspected every six months because home cleaning products do not replace professional cleaning. 
  • It also allows the jeweller to inspect your gemstone setting every 6 months to avoid any potential loss of gemstone. The settings can be delicate and move when knocked or caught on something.
  • At Suhani Mara can polish and check any Suhani Mara jellewery anytime, FREE of charge. For any repairs, an additional cost would be incurred depending on the servicing needed.



100% pure silver is too soft for wearing; therefore, it is usually alloyed with other metals to make it more durable. It is the alloy of copper that causes Sterling Silver to darken over time. Sunshine, oxygen, skin oils, pollutants, and moisture in the air are the triggers that cause the chemical reactions that tarnish silver.

With proper care, silver doesn’t require routine cleanings.



Gemstones are all on a different hardness scale and depending on the gemstone, some can be more prone and sensitive to scratches. If minor scratches appear on some of your gemstone pieces, they can be polished out in most cases. Hot water and harsh chemicals should be avoided at all times when handling gemstones unless they are specifically made for gemstones.

Cleaning jewellery at home:

  • Soap and Water – light cleaning; fill a small bowl of warm water with a few drops of mild dish liquid. Soak your jewellery, you can use a soft toothbrush for cleaning the gems and silver, rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • Do not use tissue paper or paper towels to clean metal and gemstones as they can cause scratching.
  • Using a soft, lint-free cloth is an effective way to keep silver looking shiny and lustrous.
  • Take extra care when cleaning soft gems like pearls, amber, and coral.

Quick Care

  • Before doing high-impact sports take off your jewellery as you may scratch the metal or chip the gemstones.
  • Take off jewellery before swimming. The chlorine in salts can cause damage to various gemstones and gold. Gemstones may become loose in their settings (and possibly fall out).
  • When doing household tasks such as gardening and cleaning, be sure to remove rings and bracelets.
  • Put your jewellery on after washing and applying make-up/hair spray. A good rule is last on, first off.
  • Polishing jewellery – Sterling Silver jewellery will polish up by rubbing or buffing it with a soft cloth. A dedicated silver polishing cloth is the best choice. These are two-sided, with one side for cleaning surface dirt and tarnish while the other polishes to a high shine.
  • Periodically check the stones in your jewellery. If they are loose or rattling, you are at risk of losing the stones altogether. Prongs do wear down over time, so have the mounting “re-tipped” by a qualified jeweller.