Suhani Mara features Historical, Signature, Contemporary, Men’s, and Kids collections, with each collection having one thing in common; TIMELESS!

The Historical Collection offers an extensive range of unique historical jewellery sourced from all over the world and brings them to life while still maintaining the unique designs, intricate filigree, and granulation techniques.

The Signature Collection contains pieces hand-made by local artisans in Kenya featuring Ostrich Eggshells,Wood, Ambers and Beads alongside genuine gemstones and pearls, and quality sterling silver.

The Contemporary Collection offers ever-evolving, unique and modern designs that follow fashion and trends closely.

The Men’s Collection ranges from cufflinks to leather straps that simply adds a touch of class to any outfit.

Suhani Mara Kids Collection, the most recent addition to the family, carries a beautiful line for your little angels to pass down generations, some designed by the founder’s 7 year old girl.

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