It means Pleasant. Beautiful. Mine.

Suhani Mara is a bespoke global jewellery brand that is bold, historical and modern, and shines through Antique and Sterling Silver, Gold, Antique beads, Fossils, Meteorite, Old Coins, Shell, Wood, Leather, and Semi-Precious and Precious Gemstones which forms the cornerstone of most of the bespoke pieces that we have created so far. 

Born and raised in Kenya of Indian roots, the founder Meera’s background and experience of vast cultures has been the core of her inspiration. Suhani Mara represents the evolution of Meera’s passion for antique jewellery and unique materials, coupled with her modern flair for design and spiritual connection to nature.

Formally operating under another name, the company was renamed ‘Suhani Mara’ which means ‘pleasant, beautiful, mine’ after the birth of Meera’s daughter in Japan, who adores jewellery just like her mama. Meera credits much of her style to the influence of her father, Jewellery Craftsman Ramesh Hemraj Shah, a successful self-taught silversmith, craftsman, and designer. Surrounded by a range of beadsmen, designers, and other professionals growing up, she recognized her own voice.  

Meera’s natural artistic talent led her to study Illustration, Graphic Design, and Advertising in the United Kingdom, receiving her Degree in Fine Arts. She later earned her Graduate Gemologist and Jewellery Designer Certificate from the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad California in 2003 and has worked with some of the finest jewelers of our day in the United States. Her education, coupled with her skill and experience as a jewellery designer for over 20 years, all seamlessly blend to create the unique pieces seen today.

All Suhani Mara jewellery pieces are a combination of materials sourced from all over the world and handcrafted in Kenya bringing forward a collection for a broad market ensuring exceptional results. We have a systematic approach to creating and crafting timeless designs and protecting some of the pieces within the brand with a trademark in the form of Suhani Mara’s initials.

“My jewellery is not for everybody, but those who are comfortable with who they are will want to own every piece they can get their hands on.”

Meera Ramesh